HighRiverOnline.com: Comprehensive Local News Hub for High River and Southern Alberta

HighRiverOnline.com: Comprehensive Local News Hub for High River and Southern Alberta

Welcome to HighRiverOnline.com, your go-to destination for all things local in High River and Southern Alberta. Our comprehensive website provides an unparalleled source of information, connecting you with the latest news, weather updates, sports coverage, and more.

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HighRiverOnline.com is more than just a news source. It’s a platform for our community to connect, share thoughts, and engage in discussions. Leave comments on articles, participate in polls, and interact with others who care about High River. As your trusted local news and information hub, HighRiverOnline.com is committed to providing you with the latest updates, in-depth coverage, and a space for community engagement. Visit our website today to stay connected and informed about everything that matters in High River and Southern Alberta.Wild Rose Community Connections Van Stolen

Wild Rose Community Connections Van Stolen

High River’s Wild Rose Community Connections has fallen victim to a brazen theft, with their highly visible food delivery van stolen on Saturday night. Executive Director Marianne Dixon expressed shock and disbelief over the incident. The van, adorned with decals and logos, had been parked in the back of the organization’s building at #54 10th SE. “I find this really hard to believe,” said Dixon. “Someone came and stole our van that we use to deliver and collect food for our food-insecure community. I don’t understand why someone would target a vehicle that is so clearly identified with our mission.” The van was empty at the time of the theft. However, its customization, which was funded by government grants, makes it expensive and difficult to replace. “This isn’t your average panel van,” Dixon explained. “It’s a customized vehicle that meets our specific needs for delivering and collecting food. It will be very costly to replace.” Community members who spot the stolen van are urged to contact the High River RCMP detachment at 403-652-2356. Wild Rose Community Connections relies on the van to provide essential food assistance to community members in need. The theft leaves the organization facing a significant challenge in fulfilling its mission.

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