Sheriff’s Podcast IDs 1975 Cold Case Victim, Unravels Intriguing Story


Sheriff’s Podcast IDs 1975 Cold Case Victim, Unravels Intriguing Story

In a remarkable breakthrough, the Office of the Sheriff has identified the victim of a 1975 cold case that had left investigators stumped for decades. The individual, once known only as “Mr. X,” has now been confirmed as

[victim’s name]

, a young man from [victim’s hometown]. The identification was made after the sheriff’s office launched a dedicated podcast, “Unmasking Mr. X,” to shed light on the unsolved case. The podcast featured interviews with detectives, forensic specialists, and family members of the victim. Through painstaking research and analysis, the podcast team uncovered crucial clues that eventually led to a breakthrough. Genetic genealogy, a technique that compares DNA profiles with family tree databases, played a pivotal role in identifying the victim. In a recent episode, Sheriff [sheriff’s name] announced the identity of the victim, bringing closure to his family and friends. The sheriff expressed his gratitude to the podcast listeners and everyone involved in the investigation for their tireless efforts. “This case shows the power of relentless investigation and the importance of never giving up on unsolved crimes,” said Sheriff [sheriff’s name]. “Even decades later, justice can be served for victims and their loved ones.” The identification of [victim’s name] is a testament to the sheriff’s office’s commitment to solving cold cases. The podcast has sparked renewed interest in other unsolved cases, offering hope that additional victims may be identified and justice may be served. The “Unmasking Mr. X” podcast continues to explore the intriguing story behind the victim’s life and the circumstances surrounding his untimely death. It serves as a reminder that even the most enigmatic cases can be solved through perseverance and collaboration.Cold Case of ‘Mr. X’ Solved After 49 Years

Cold Case of ‘Mr. X’ Solved After 49 Years

On Monday, the Greenville County Sheriff’s Office in South Carolina announced a major breakthrough in the nearly half-century-old cold case of a man known as “Mr. X.”

The Discovery

In 1975, the skeletal remains of an unidentified man were found wrapped in a sheet and set on fire in South Carolina. The death was ruled a homicide, but despite numerous outreach efforts over the years, the victim’s identity remained a mystery.

Podcast and New Technologies

In 2020, the Greenville Sheriff’s Office revamped its cold case unit to reinvestigate old cases. Since then, 11 cases have been resolved, including the case of “Mr. X.” The true crime podcast “Murder, Etc.” played a role in bringing the case to the forefront.


Using new DNA testing and collaboration with the National Unidentified and Missing Persons System, investigators were able to identify the victim as Oscar James Nedd of White Plains, New York. Nedd was born in Georgia in 1951 and moved to New York for college.

Suspected Murder in New York

Evidence suggests that Nedd was killed in New York, and his remains were then transported to South Carolina. White Plains authorities are now investigating the murder.

Closure for Family

Greenville County Sheriff Hobart Lewis praised the cold case unit’s tireless efforts and innovative approaches. Family members were contacted and confirmed Nedd’s identity, bringing closure to the decades-long mystery.

Continued Investigation

The investigation is ongoing, and further details are expected to emerge. The case highlights the importance of new technologies and partnerships in solving cold cases and seeking justice for victims and their families.Investigators cracked the 47-year-old mystery of who a man found dead in 1975 was, after a podcast listener recognized the victim from a photo lineup. The man, now identified as 21-year-old John Melvin Meeks, was found dead of multiple gunshot wounds on July 28, 1975, near Thicket, Texas. Authorities were never able to identify the man, who became known as “Mr. Thicket.” In 2021, the Polk County Sheriff’s Office partnered with the podcast “Unfound” to generate new leads in the case. The podcast featured an episode about Mr. Thicket, and included a photo lineup of potential matches. A listener named Barbara Matthews recognized Meeks’ photo from the lineup and contacted the sheriff’s office. Matthews said she had known Meeks in the early 1970s when they both lived in Houston. Meeks’ identity was confirmed through DNA testing and dental records. His family has been notified of his identification. Polk County Sheriff Kenneth Hammack said the podcast was instrumental in solving the case. “The podcast brought new attention to this case and helped us reach a wider audience,” Hammack said. “We are grateful to Ms. Matthews for coming forward with the information that led to Mr. Meeks’ identification.” Investigators are still working to determine what led to Meeks’ death.


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