Wolves, Palace Sign Deals with Shady Vietnam Sportsbooks

Wolves, Palace Sign Deals with Shady Vietnam Sportsbooks English Premier League clubs Wolverhampton Wanderers and Crystal Palace have come under fire for signing sponsorship deals with Vietnamese sportsbooks linked to unethical practices and human rights abuses. Who Are the Sportsbooks? The two sportsbooks in question are Fun88 and W88, both based in Vietnam. Fun88 is owned by the Suncity Group, a Macau-based casino and junket operator that has been implicated in money laundering and organized crime. W88 is owned by the Marquee Holdings group, which has also been linked to illegal gambling activities. Concerns Raised Critics have raised concerns about the sponsorship deals for several reasons: * Ethical Violations: Fun88 and W88 have been accused of operating without proper licenses, offering predatory gambling practices, and targeting vulnerable individuals. * Human Rights Abuses: The Suncity Group has been linked to the kidnapping and torture of employees in Cambodia and the Philippines. * Reputation Damage: The sponsorship deals could damage the reputation of Wolves and Palace, which have a large and loyal fan base. Club Responses Wolves and Palace have defended their decisions to sign the sponsorship deals, arguing that they have conducted due diligence and believe the sportsbooks are reputable partners. However, they have not provided detailed information about the specific measures they have taken to assess the companies’ ethical standards. Calls for Investigation Several organizations, including the Football Supporters’ Association, have called for an investigation into the sponsorship deals. They argue that the Premier League has a responsibility to ensure that its clubs are not associated with unethical or harmful businesses. Impact on the Premier League The scandal has raised questions about the Premier League’s reputation and its stance on gambling. The league has strict rules regarding gambling sponsorship, but these rules have been criticized for being inadequate. Conclusion The sponsorship deals between Wolves, Palace, and the Vietnamese sportsbooks have sparked controversy and highlighted the need for a more ethical approach to gambling in the Premier League. It remains to be seen whether the league will take action to address the concerns raised.Premier League Clubs Ink Deals with Suspect Vietnamese SportsbooksPremier League Clubs Ink Deals with Suspect Vietnamese Sportsbooks Two English Premier League clubs, Wolverhampton Wanderers and Crystal Palace, have recently partnered with sportsbooks named DEBET and Net88, respectively. However, the legitimacy of these partnerships has been questioned due to allegations that both sportsbooks are illegal Vietnamese entities. Lack of Online Presence and Possible Illegal Operations DEBET and Net88 have virtually no online presence, raising concerns about their authenticity. English-language social media accounts for both companies have less than 250 followers combined. Research suggests that DEBET and Net88 may be owned by the same entity. Trademarks for both companies were filed on the same day, March 13. Controversial CEO and Betting on Illegal Activities Crystal Palace’s new sponsor, Net88, has been associated with a fake CEO. The alleged CEO is identified as a deceased TikToker. Additionally, Net88 has been found to offer betting on illegal activities such as cockfights. Implications for the Premier League These allegations raise concerns about the Premier League’s due diligence in vetting potential sponsors. The league has been criticized for allowing clubs to partner with companies potentially linked to organized crime and human rights violations. Financial fair play and sponsorship transparency have been major issues in recent years, particularly with allegations surrounding Manchester City. The league’s reputation could be further tarnished if these allegations against DEBET and Net88 are proven true. Availability of Legitimate Sponsors Given the global popularity of the Premier League, the question arises as to why clubs like Wolves and Palace would choose to partner with obscure and questionable entities. Legitimate and reputable companies would likely be eager to sponsor high-profile clubs. The allegations surrounding DEBET and Net88 highlight the importance of thorough due diligence and transparency in sponsorship deals within the Premier League and other major sporting organizations.Wolves and Crystal Palace have signed sponsorship deals with Vietnamese sportsbooks, despite concerns over the country’s gambling laws. Wolverhampton Wanderers have agreed a deal with VBet, while Crystal Palace have partnered with W88. Both companies are based in Vietnam, where gambling is illegal. The deals have been criticized by anti-gambling campaigners, who say they could lead to an increase in problem gambling in the UK. However, both clubs have defended the deals, saying they have carried out due diligence and are satisfied that the companies are operating legally. VBet is a licensed operator in Europe, while W88 is a licensed operator in the Philippines. Both companies have said they will not target UK customers. The Gambling Commission has said it is aware of the deals and is monitoring the situation.


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